Annie is an artist, director and photographer with a powerful vision of deeply aesthetic imagery and a unique storytelling ability. She is commisioned by Isabel Marant, Nike, Burberry, Nina Ricci and Carven.

Annie graduated in 2013 from the Utrecht School of the Arts. She is based in Amsterdam and creates most of her work while spending periods of time abroad, specifically in the United States. After following an exchange period at the Rhode Island School of Design, van Noortwijk revisited the States again in 2017. Owing to her youth being filled with a lot of American television, the United States has become a place for her where reality and fiction blend in a seamless way. Being one of the most capitalist countries in the world, America is also an interesting place to explore beauty and identity, which is a core theme in her personal work.

Van Noortwijk works very intuitively. She often combines personal starting points with her fascination for advertising, which she sees as an important contemporary influence in terms of identity and beauty. Although her approach flirts with anthropology and psychology it rejects both their constitutive distance and narrative trapping.